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So I stay at like these overpriced group homes people stay in cuz they can't get applications for regular apartments due to their job or felonies, unemployed ect. Its also has a few cheap traverlers come through daily. Plus I live in a area that is like a sterotype of what happens to a racism bc systemic racism. Almost everyone is black, then the next most common in migrants who don't really speak english. So its a neat place. So as you can imagine its just pretty easy to assume the people who stay here aren't in a great spot.

Well anyway one of hobbies due to me despising talking to most people is to just say what people wanna hear so they leave me alone or I can get them to do or give me interesting info. Well I"m quite good at sounding like a Yuppie petite burgious. So anyway the landlord wants to talk to me and I'm cooking lentils so I can't leave. Idk she asked me about my work and then she says "wow I'm so glad you save money and don't spend more than you need". FYI my landlord is a chineese migrant who aren't necessarily rich but migrating legally is very difficult if you don't have lots of money plus she is a landlord so I bet she was rich in china.

Well anyway I just keep trying to end the convo so she goes away and then she just starts ranting about this person who used to live here. This person who almost certainly struggles far more from systemic racism and is in a worse financial position than she was in china. Anyway the landlord just starts complaining "ugh, I"m so glad she is out of my house, she would allways cry about how she couldn't pay rent when she would buy more food than she would need and it would go bad. Plus she would buy lots of fruits and vegetables. you can't go buy a lot of fruits and vegetables then complain about paying for rent. Just don't buy so much food. But she was just so stupid she would just keep buying more food than she needs and stay poor."

Which is just iconic, saying its a black persons fault in like a blatant impovershed neighborhood due to racism for being poor because she buys food and sometimes lets it go bad. What a absolute prick



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