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So a while back I made a ghost gun for a variety of reasons I will not share. So moving the puerto rico they have pretty strict gun laws and I don't really need a gun presently or in the near future. So I'm not going to bother getting it smuggled into the country. Its a lot of risk for no good reason. So since its a ghost gun I can't sell it.

So I figured I either have to get rid of it, but I was kinda ticked about that because its a nice gun so its kinda a waste. But the other alternative is to cache it like I'm a disturbed individual. Which sounds like a fun project and a really useful skill. Caching dead drops can be a great skill even if its not guns. Plus its badass. Idk it broke me up inside but I think it would be irresponsible to leave it will bullets. Wouldn't want someone with a metal detector hurting other people bc they are not smart. Plus bullets are super easy to get in this state so it prob wouldn't be a hindrance.

I don't really feel like its likely I will even uncover this cache so my money is better spent not adding random stuff. But if you have any cool idea to add that are cheap let me know. I thought about leaving it in a safe which would be responsible but then you would need the key. Plus I think it would be more worthwhile to keep my safe.

I doubt anyone will add anything but I figured I'd ask plus it gives me a reason to let people know if they want to borrow a nondirty gun in STL I'll give them some coordinates. If I like you because I'm not a communist. Plus the only legal requirement to give someone a gun is you know them somewhat and have no knowledge of them being a felon or a wife beater .



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lettuceLeafer OP wrote

Wow, did not think the only reaction I would get for this zany post would be "whats tahini?".

I guess everyone who comments on raddle is just used to my antics. Lol