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See in Mexico which is way better than US for many reasons including decriminalization of all drugs. So with that and being close to Columbia I figured hey maybe cocaine will be affordable. Cocaine is actually way cheaper in Mexico but the meaning racist dealers have what is called a (I can't say it it's w horrible anti white slur). You know it's one thing to call black people the n word but being called a gringo is too far.

So cocaine is just as expensive as it is in the US. So you leftists explain this. U claim that white people aren't the oppressed race but give me one example of how races are even as close to as oppressed as me having to pay a higher amount for cocaine when touring a 3rd world country. Huh, yeah explain that one.

U can't because it's actually me who is the oppressed one. Like has anything ever happened to black people that is even close to this racist slight I have experiences.

To be fucking clear I am being sarcastic and this is a fucking ridiculous thing t say. But I seriously am sad. Talk about how epic it would be to go on psychosis fuelled benders. But I'm too much a cheapskate to do that. Lol prob for the best.



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