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So All my underwear I own are like pretty large boxer shorts. Then if I'm not wearing pants I still look fully clothed. Well anyway I put low cut shorts on. Not enough that they rude up my ass but sometimes my balls do hang out. Ideal size for shorts imo.

But my underwear is longer than my shorts so sometimes buts hand out the legs and usually the waistband of the underwear is higher than the shorts

So since it's hot and I refuse to set ac lower than 78 I put on a lime green crop top. And my shorts are those super common black kind with a white stripe on the edge. Plus I got these got these super funky lazily drawn long term temporary tattoos. Of a chaos star and a VA on my thoughts and yeah they look like real tattoos.

But since I feel kinda naked and I sometimes put on this blue plaid shirt when I go the the bathroom. Plus my glasses are crooked from wrestling an them bending a bit.

My god I didn't plan on looking this weird but I looked in the mirror and was just kinda gobsmaked at home odd I looked lol. Plus I give so little of a shit my collar is usually like half popped and half down. I wasn't wearing socks but I almost never wear socks of the same color or same length.



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