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I don't really mean in the law sense. But like a libertarian minarchist governmetn was established and its basically just an army that funds itself by killing forces of hierarchy. For instance a gang that kills governmetn officials and is told what to do by someone they think will give them good ideas for attacking them. Or les say some radical vegans start executing store owners that sell meat I ain't going to complain. Sure I won't do said things but like I'm not against it nor would I really advocate such a thing. But also I just don't really like the vast majority of people and some kinda violent nonstate actor just treating them like property and brutalizing them wouldn't bother me.

No hierachy for the people who want to live their lives and not enforce hierarchy they shouldn't be imposed by hierarchy. But for the vast majority who run hierarchies unneccessarily or support many hierarchies sure I don't give a fuck if a violent secret police force brutalizes you. And to clarify this does apply to me, I don't think hierarcical suppression of me is like some issue worth crying over as I would chuckle of said treatment by group I like doing it to people I disagree with. Wanna be a violent prick or support violent pricks you get what you deserve.

Mostly I just have so little faith in most people that like I can't give a fuck about them in any real way. Sure they shouldn't be oppressed for bigoted or unfair reasons but like if they are hurt for legitimate reasons by a minarchist army sure go ahead.

This doesn't apply to basically all governments or violent nonstate actors as they don't share most of my values and try to suppress those who don't impose their will on others. But I think most people will be incredibly vile unless suppressed so I wouldn't be happy living and let livving.Nor do I belive you could convince them withotu an incredibly coercive force



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lettuceLeafer OP wrote

Also your humble and kind chairman allows for negative dissent so please tell me why you disagree. I think I know why most of you don't feel this way but I'll be interested to hear anyway


Fool wrote

When they came for the meat selling shopkeepers, I did nothing.