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I'd say I'm a morning person, it's just really like sleep too.

So day one of writing a song, don't feel like I made much progress. My current skill and knowledge on guitar is holding me back from figuring out a "fitting" riff, I think. It seriously felt like I was running circles and had no idea what I wanted to do.
Man, already 2 months of practicing. I mostly practiced unplugged during mornings and lunch, by the time I got home I didn't play as much with the amp. I remember a day I had off and I practiced for about 4 hours straight, I learned like 3 different songs/riffs. (Well, they were just basic and really short) I really need that energy again.
I really want to be sincere and vulnerable with my brother, we're the kind of siblings that really only joke around or bicker most the time. I don't feel comfortable putting some baggage in here but I will say recently I've been looking at him a lot more like an "older brother." He's like the only person in my family who will donate and give food to a homeless family. Yeah we still kinda struggle with money, but y'know. He got me an anarchy pendant and it really means a lot to me.
I wish I could just go outside without my family constantly nagging about it, "where are you going, when will you be back" I seriously can't go anywhere without them making me feel stupid. It is not going to get dark in like 2 minutes, and I can't buy anything even with their change. You buy a fuckin scratch off everytime in a gas station and multiple beers in one week, and you wanna tell me it's a fucking cheap record is a waste of money. My dad is such a fucking baby about buying "useless" stuff even when it's earned money, my brother has to fuckin be sneaky about getting his online stuff.



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don't feel bad about not making much progress, you shouldn't force yourself to create. artistc process can be very long, taking from a couple of hours to several years even on a small pieces of art. 'running in circles' is a common feeling among people and it's a daily struggle for me. wishing you best in writing your song!

i can somewhat relate to your desire of being more sincere with your brother, although in an another way. my sister is in middle school now. i remember it was an age for me when my identity was rapidly developing, i was finding my hobbies, was making friends and enemies, all kind of anxieties became more prominent in my head. i'm sure my little sis will go through it too, and i want her to feel that she can always tell me about her struggles and feel safe.

it sounds like you and your brother have very nice relationship, so i think it won't be hard to be more personal. it's a process of growing as siblings imo.


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cool wallpaper