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Unique to the Nation of Islam. Yakub is the biblical "Jacob". He is basically a mad scientist who decides he wants to conquer the world. during his time all people in the area are black but he devises a way to breed another race who will be gifted at deceit and through "tricknology" will rule over black people.

During his lifetime he sets up a dictatorship to help him breed this new race. he manages to breed the first brown (as oposed to black) people he dies and his followers continue his work culminating in the invention of the white race.


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Very strange that grey aliens just appeared on pop culture after Jack Parsons (Crowley's apprentice) completed the Babalon working with L Ron Hubbard (the same scientology conartist), even stranger is how the Roswell incident happened one year later.

The Lam drawing with a disproportionately big head may ring a bell...

Also Jack Parsons was one of the pioneer rocket scientists working for the govt, and many say that in some early atomic bomb test (white sands for example) some sort of alchemic ritual was in place to catalyze the enormous quantity of energy released for some sinister purpose..


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Black Wizard uses Evil Eye to summon information about the target of their magic.

Alternative Perspective:

Wine screw person (left) rubs their eyes sheepishly, after realising that they've been staring. They'd just been thinking about where they last saw the same markings. "Oh, it was at the..." They thought.


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The sabbat arose as a conspiracy to destroy the rotten edifice of church and state, meeting on the heath to avoid the gaze of the authority, guised in anonymity and foreboding. This revolutionised the nature of witchcraft, regardless of the pre-existence of the sabbat form. I do not simply refer here to the inspiring fantasies of Jules Michelet, but the important modern work of Silvia Federici.

We see the same attacks on freedom of assembly in the destruction of the free festivals, rave culture and the occupy movement. These have been met by the masked Anonymous, the faceless black bloc anarchists, the direct actions of the ELF. These are expressions of popular witchcraft and have been persecuted by the same inquisition that came for us. I do not say that these are examples of operative witchcraft, I say that we, the people who are the witchcraft, have a sacred duty to join this war. We need to celebrate sabbats again, infuse them with our witchblood, our cunning.

Here is my prophecy. Witchcraft is going to get both aroused and angrier. Nature will rise. We are not only coming for your children, we are your children and all those who will inherit the ruins of the world. Welcome to the apocalypse. This is the moment when we realise that the climate is broken. It’s all blood and roses from here on in. As witches we should prepare to fly on the wings of the storm.


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"the slaves shall serve." --AL. II. 58


Yeah this kills everytime. Thelema is somewhat a problematic religion, and I wonder why so many Thelemites do the rhetorical gymnastics to save this ideological body and try to reclaim it to a libertarian ethos.

I always saw the occultist milleu full of cryptoFash and nazis because the very nature of western occultism is aristocratic in essence,. YOu cannot save an organ from a putrefact body.


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Against this, Crowley explains the nature of Will, “It has naturally been objected by economists that our Law, in declaring every man and every woman to be a star, reduces society to its elements, and makes hierarchy or even democracy impossible. The view is superficial. Each star has a function in its galaxy proper to its own nature. Much mischief has come from our ignorance in insisting, on the contrary, that each citizen is fit for any and every social duty” (The Law is for All, II:58)

Thelema implies the freedom to do one’s Will but also the severe restriction of only doing one’s Will; “It is the apotheosis of Freedom; but it is also the strictest possible bond” (“Liber II: The Message of the Master Therion”), for “Thou hast no right but to do thy will” (Liber AL vel Legis I:42).

From the same Author


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thanks to both of u! time for some practice \o/


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I am not practicing occultism in the way I feel necessary, but I have an experience in a Martinist context. I stopped for a period, due to the excess of rituals and exercises that led me to see the emptiness of my practice. After this disappointment, I'm taking a step back and starting over with zazen, oneironautics and yoga.

I also do not have self-discipline :(


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Well, a bit late, I agree with DaisyDisaster good tips, always embrace these practices like meditation and "auto-psychoanalysis" before, Robert Anton Wilson's Prometheus Rising and Cosmic Trigger books will give you insightful perspectives on this matter.

And for the Magic itself I would reccomend Crowleys Book 4: Liber ABA

I like Franz Bardon too, for a begginner like myself a good start, with lots of exercises: Initiation into Hermetics (WARNING, PDF link)

Hermetic library - great content

Good practices!


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very helpful, thank you! yea i've been practicing reaching something like samadhi already, before really even looking into magic; lucky!

hopefully i'll have some things to share here in the future, thanks to this nudge. have a great day and weekend, Daisy!