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DaisyDisaster wrote

The first thing that's almost always suggested is to start meditating, but I'm sure you know that if you'be already done some research. There are courses out there you can take, but most cost something. I've found one that is free online (although there is a book you can buy) called Quareia. I haven't gotten through it much because I frankly have other priorities than magick atm, but it's based on visionary magick and uses concepts from Kabbalah, from what I've read about it. It deals with the Arbatel at the end of the course so there's also some Christian mysticism involved, I believe.

If witchcraft is more what you're looking for, here's a list of books from some trad witches:

And another from an occultist:

If you're interested in Chaos Magick, there's Liber Null & Psychonaut by Peter Carroll and Condensed Chaos by Phil Hine. You might check out the podcast Rune Soup. The host is a chaos magician and has written a book called The Chaos Protocols, which isn't really for beginners but you may find interesting.


sand OP wrote

very helpful, thank you! yea i've been practicing reaching something like samadhi already, before really even looking into magic; lucky!

hopefully i'll have some things to share here in the future, thanks to this nudge. have a great day and weekend, Daisy!


thelemotta wrote

Well, a bit late, I agree with DaisyDisaster good tips, always embrace these practices like meditation and "auto-psychoanalysis" before, Robert Anton Wilson's Prometheus Rising and Cosmic Trigger books will give you insightful perspectives on this matter.

And for the Magic itself I would reccomend Crowleys Book 4: Liber ABA

I like Franz Bardon too, for a begginner like myself a good start, with lots of exercises: Initiation into Hermetics (WARNING, PDF link)

Hermetic library - great content

Good practices!