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I've been interested in the occult since childhood but have only recently started taking it seriously. Unfortunately, my time is limited so my studies are as well.

So how long have you guys been at it? Do you practice or is it just an interest? If you practice, have you had successful experiences?



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23i wrote

pretty much the same. a bit like my anarchism, it's all very armchair and I wish it wasn't.


tnstaec wrote

Similar to you guys. I'm quite familiar with a lot of the historical and theoretical aspects, but my personal practice is languishing. I've come to realize I need some structure and a group to really get the most out of it. Some people have the self-discipline to go solo, but I'm not one of them.


thelemotta wrote

I am not practicing occultism in the way I feel necessary, but I have an experience in a Martinist context. I stopped for a period, due to the excess of rituals and exercises that led me to see the emptiness of my practice. After this disappointment, I'm taking a step back and starting over with zazen, oneironautics and yoga.

I also do not have self-discipline :(