don't make a mess - know the ripeness - raise awareness

Submitted by lookin4 in Nutrition

Memorizing ripeness, owning/wanting a smartphone or doing handicrafts is not anybody's capability or favorite thing. So I decided to draft a small calendar for seasonal vegetables, fruits, salads and nuts. It is currently in early stage, work in progress.

Some organic markets hang posters in the sales room, but still sell off-season vegetables from far regions sometimes on other continents. From time to time recipe books and websites (from conservation organizations) offer big posters or single pages, yes, but not as open-content. They do not think radical nor globally, seeing it more as a form of by-catch or to raise profit.

Currently I think about formatting the first version as a monthly calendar, like a smart card in size and made out of compostable recycled cardboard which fits every wallet and is easy to distribute them inside or in front of stores, shops, public transports or to accidentally lose or forget them wherever.

It's for sure I will release this idea and the final output as open-content, so nobody needs to pay for it, while being able to customize it according to their current residence, freely make copies without potential charges from others. Furthermore the production/print can be done decentralized and in a quality, size and richness of detail that is needed/wanted.

As it comes from with no branding, powered-by or other corporate bullshit I hope to reach more people with this praxis and let them think about the planet (again). Maybe the people active in community-supported agriculture, food not bombs and others offer a helping hand to raise money for the printing or doing brainstorming with you/us to collectively enhance this quick idea.


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