NutritionFact's on Arsenic and Rice

Submitted by bmrgould01 in Nutrition

Dr. Greger did a series of videos on Arsenic, reviewing a large number of studies on the topic.

I only linked the Youtube videos, but the video pages on have the transcripts and sources listed if you're looking for anything like that.

I would give a solid summary but it has been 2 months since I've actually watched the videos. So a rough one;

Arsenic causes cancers. Arsenic used to be used on soil in agriculture before it was shown to be bad, so a lot of southern state rice has high amounts. California has the lowests amounts for US, and India is one of the lowest globally.

Arsenic is water soluble and rice grows in water, which is why it is a grain with risky amounts of Arsenic. Other grains are better choices!

Straining and soaking rice will lower arsenic content. Through it removes other nutrients, more-so from white due to the processing involved. Cooking rice in larger amounts of water, and draining it afterwards, like pasta, also lowers arsenic content.

The spice Turmeric is OP and using it can reverse some of the issues with arsenic content. However little research is done on the impacts of people with too much arsenic, and if it can fully reverse the issue, due to the inhuman issues with needing people with too much arsenic to study it properly.



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