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wekhiu48 wrote (edited )

Ban me then, If it is that easy to get banned around here then I do not think I really want to use this site even though I like it here so far. Seriously if something as simple as saying I believe someone should get serious consequences but not life in prison warrants a ban then wtf. I said this case is not as clear cut and malicious as others and you are going to ban me for it? This is a problem with you not me.


wekhiu48 wrote

I just do not believe this case carries with it the same level of maliciousness that was shown in the Michael Brown and Tamir Rice cases. People are comparing this to those cases and saying that they want her to be hit hard as payback for those cases as well.

The circumstances of this case are just so different than what we usually see. She should never be able to be a cop or hold a gun ever again but putting her in prison for 99 years is not nearly as appropriate as it is for the police officers involved in Tamir Rice shooting for example.