Bans in /f/News

Username Reason Banned Expires
!deleted52009 Spam Never
Enenth Spam Never
EmilyGrossi transphobiq Never
joebaker spam Never
carlitos33 not news Never
IrkutVladimir spam Never
AdRemarkable1241 spam Never
saanvisharma spam Never
vincentparker041 spam Never
ellieharper041 Spam Never
w1rtz from what I gather, a ban-evading free speech nationalist Never
Mike5 Spam Never
CommieFagCuckLeftistCunt Freeze Peach Never
netdocument spam Never
nickjoky repeated payday loan spam Never
seomumbai spam Never
utterbug spam Never
caz22 Fake news Never
maxmichal spam Never
faithstrengthgear spam Never
Mao red fash propaganda Never
NiggerFaggot2 Piece of shit Never
thewebofslime In ziq's words: "A deliberate effort to lower raddle's overall quality by flooding it with garbage." Never
Atassa troll Never