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The Zarzuela has joined La Moncloa (Governmnet) and Genova (Popular Party) in the total and unambiguous bet by the heavy hand against the Generalitat in its adventure for the independence. In an unprecedented intervention in a parliamentary monarchy in which the king has no political powers - nor can he have them in Europe in the twenty-first century -, Felipe VI has given a very hard speech without option to give any option to the dialogue with the Catalan nationalists in which is in practice a declaration of war to the Generalitat presided over by Carles Puigdemont.

Those who relied on a call for dialogue as a way to solve this crisis took only a few seconds to realize that there would be no such thing. The third paragraph of the text of the speech cut that possibility: "By their decisions, they have systematically violated the legally and legitimately approved rules, proving an inadmissible disloyalty to the powers of the State."

What came next was on the same line. "Undermined democratic principles", "undermined harmony and coexistence", "despised affections and feelings of solidarity", "put at risk the economic and social stability of the whole of Spain."

The king is the head of the State and member of a dynasty that began to govern in Spain at the beginning of century XVIII after a war that had its epilogue precisely in Catalonia. It was obvious that Felipe VI was obliged to defend with passion the unity of Spain, and there is no surprise or disappointment. But the speech was also a political commitment for a concrete way to solve this crisis that happens literally by the positions that have expressed the Popular Party and Citizens.

The king takes sides and does it on the right. His words represent an amendment to the whole of the positions held by We in this crisis. As for a possible negotiation, they are also a complete rejection of Pedro Sánchez's request to Mariano Rajoy to immediately dialogue with Puigdemont.

The only thing that lacked the monarch was to order the application of article 155, the arrest of the leaders of the Generalitat and the call for new elections in Catalonia. Maybe Rajoy is already committed to doing that. If not, the President of the Government already knows where the monarchy is breathing.

Independents move towards independence through political insurrection and in the street. They had to count on this answer and think that it favors them. It must be assumed that they will redouble their bet on the street.

Those who believe that police, prosecutors and judges can not solve serious political problems on their own, or those who believe that repeating the law must be done is not much use if the legitimacy of the political system is questioned, he has repudiated them. His support for the monarchy, or his tolerance for the presence of a king in the leadership of the state, is subjected today to a test difficult to accept.

The confrontation in the Catalan conflict is assured and it would be stupid to pretend that it will be limited to the institutional field or to the courts. We are taking steps towards a horizon that we never thought would come. The violent scenes on Sunday will not be the last. When using a language of war, no one should be surprised that it has consequences.



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