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LostYonder wrote

Perhaps it is the worst by a "lone gunman" or directed towards white people or in the past 50 years, but certainly not the worst mass shooting in US history!

The Colfax Massacre in 1873 when 150 black men were slaughtered. Blood Island Massacre in 1850 when 150-200 Native Pomo men, women, and children were slaughtered.

One could probably go on with countless other examples of racist, genocidal mass killings, but one does have to wonder why we constantly find ourselves whitewashing our history???


NeoliberalismKills wrote

If history isn't whitewashed then we cease being the good guys. Being the good guys is how the US government maintains it's control over us. If suddenly the government was capable of brutal, sustained atrocities we suddenly have to question blind nationalism.


NeoliberalismKills wrote

The most capitalistic, individualistic nation on earth is the most violent. Who would've guessed?


ziq wrote

I'm waiting for them to find a way to blame antifa for this.


amongstclouds wrote

There is already a photo going around FB of a fake 'Melbourne Antifa' who tried to claim this as an attack by 'another antifa branch.'


freiheit wrote

Is Alternet just jumping on the MSM bandwagon here? Because last I looked, MSM was big brother... Is no one critical of mass media reports? Can we get an anarchist zine on media deconstruction: Transmitter> Message> Receiver...

Lots of alt media. showing official narrative on Vegas massacre is false, i mean, we've all had camera phones for a few years now...