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stardust_witch wrote

Have any of you ever tried to use a very basic search function, like a library catalog or something, and just have it give you hundreds of results listed alphabetically? Imagine if search engines didn't use algorithms to try and find which of the million webpages with the word "dragon" in them you're actually looking for.

Yeah, you can read nefariousness into this quote, but what's being described here is a fairly reasonable expectation of a solution to the problem of sorting massive amounts of data. It's not about constructing some kind of monolithic authoritarian world view, it's about understanding what someone actually wants when they search for something. Likewise, if what you want are multiple results and you only get one, that's also a "bug" in this paradigm.


aiwendil wrote

Yeah, I mean, clearly this is being cherry picked and if you look at the search results for almost any political topic, the results appear quite skewed to the right if you ask me and that is one reason I have stopped using google altogether. I don't find them to be particularly nefarious within the paradigm of capitalism. My critiques of them might not exist were we to live in a more socialist or even communist society under which they would be forced to operate by different rules themselves. In fact without the capitalistic rules that favor incumbency to any market, there might exist hundreds of google like search engines and you might choose yours based on any number of factors including how they slant their results on any given topic.

The cross domain tracking they do is pretty aweful though. Same with facebook. However because we have perpetuated an ad based economy online this level of tracking is absolutely necessary to their business model. I think if you want to see all of this go away really quickly, smash capitalism. Problem solved.