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hjek wrote

[A]lmost every town or city has a statue of Vladimir Lenin. Opinion polls indicate around 25% of Russians believe Stalin’s campaign of political terror, estimated to have killed some 20 million people, was “historically justified”.

Many cities in the UK have a Churchill statue. The smaller city I live in has one. According to survey's Churchill's considered "the greatest prime minister of the 20th Century". They've caused a major famine each, Churchill and Stalin. The view that Churchill war campaigns were historically justified is not uncommon.

I'm sure you get this in the US, too. The nuclear bombing of Hiroshima has a significantly higher approval rate than the 25% listed above:

For example, in one poll taken shortly after the bombs were dropped, 85 percent of Americans approved of the act. By 2005, that figure had dropped to 57 percent. A poll from 2015 had found that just 56 percent thought that the bombing was justified. Among the younger generation (18 to 29 years old) only 47 percent thought it was justified.