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emma wrote

Well... at least he'll have something to show at his open casket funeral.


ziq wrote

Well this is the greatest headline ever.


alex wrote

i think we can all relate


bloodrose wrote

My husband linked this to me and I told him it was the most upvoted story of the day on raddle. We guffawed. I then told him about my boss, who is very mean about my veganism, and is now pregnant and experiencing nausea and vomiting whenever she smells meat. He then said "Two hilarious meat stories in one day!" and i found this very amusing and wanted to share that joke.


ziq wrote

That fetus has grade A praxis. I did the same thing to my mother.


ziq wrote

What does it say about us that this got more upvotes than everything today?


Tequila_Wolf OP wrote

That's pretty weird, I just said this on matrix!

"I'm somewhat surprised that the death by penis article is the big upvote of the day"

And I guess it's because it's just a remarkable confluence of things? But also maybe resentment.


ziq wrote

I guess we need to start tweeting Bill Gates and Elon Musk on twitter and mock their dicks to grow our userbase.


ziq wrote

Writing that joke without breaking the ToS was super challenging.


Mango wrote

Darwin award is reserved for the cis white males.