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I think what this shows is that laws are just words and those words are meaningless until a person with a gun comes and tells you that you are in fact bound to these words. So if you find a way to stay away from the people with guns, you can do what ever you want really... If you are the people with the best guns you can do whatever you want... But if you live in a police state, with ubiquitous enforcement presence their is no fairness, no freedom... Just homogeneous conformity.

Arpiao will never go to jail, because he is actually doing the political will of the people with the best guns and the laws he broke are just words... Words that will never apply to him. Yet to us, if we cross the road in the wrong place or turn on red at the wrong intersection we will get a much stiffer penalty than sheriff Joe will ever get for the atrocities... For the literal concentration camps.



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