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rot wrote



EatTheRich wrote (edited )

a couple of little failed pipe bombs sent to the people who reigned torturous death from the skies on schools and hospitals with sophisticated drone strikes in the name of preserving the chaos of environmental destruction and class domination is the act of terror?


thelegendarybirdmonster wrote

it's not terrorism guys, the 20yo racist white guy who sent the bombs is mentally ill and got bullied at school!!!


arduinna wrote (edited )

As we all know, only reactionaries use 'false flag', given their obvious opposition to the Spanish-American war and the Vietnam War. Clearly no leftist would ever use such a term.


GrimWillow wrote

Yea, it's their classic move. They always project their dirty tactics on to their enemies.

fash: "No, they are the real fash!!" fash: "THIS MUST BE A FALSE FLAG FROM THE LEFTIES!!" fash: "fake news!"

also fash: does some fashy false flags mixed with lies about media

with all their projecting in this regard, what does it mean that they keep trying to plant fake evidence that we're pedos? Throw in the fact that they defend pedos like roy more outright and it all makes sense


86944 wrote

And there's already people claiming that leftists did this, ugh.


rot wrote

I dunno sounds like something an alex jones fan would do, not a politician.

How would this make bernie or hillary look good? Pity votes aren't realistic. Playing victim probably won't give them leverage among the people who see victims as weak.


ziq OP wrote (edited )

Voter apathy is their big fear. They want a high voter turn out because the higher the turn out, the better the dems do. Apathy elects 'conservatives'. To get that voter turn out, they need lots of shocking press to get liberals worked up in the days leading up to the election.

Never said anything about a politician tho. It's the kind of thing an anarchist would do if we gave a shit about party politics. It's really effective agitprop.


rot wrote

I'm still skeptical. Hard to know for sure but the method and targets sound like the result of a right-wing conspiracy theory. George soros cnn and msnbc were targets -those are right-wing boogeymen not candidates in an election.


ziq OP wrote

Everyone targeted is a vocal Trump critic. All that tells us is the sender wants the world to know they love Trump.


rot wrote

Also the package sent to cnn was addressed to a guy who doesn't even work there. Not something that would happen in a fake.