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NEOalquimista OP wrote

Yes, I imagined those blocks. But I get your point. It needs to be something more portable. Who knows? Someone could come with a solution for this, a new invention.


sudo wrote

Well, that's just the problem. A runaway van has a lot of momentum, so it would take something very massive to stop it in a short enough distance. Anything light enough to be carried by a person wouldn't be heavy enough to stop the van, and you can't create a barrier that gets heavier on command, because of conservation of mass. So, any type of portable barrier wouldn't work in this situation.


NEOalquimista OP wrote (edited )

Well, as you said down there, we need to look for other ways to stop attacks then. Placing ourselves in cages won't do it. We need to make use of community power and unity to take care of ourselves. The authorities can't respond fast enough to stop a shooter or a moving van. They are not everywhere, they are fewer. But we are many. We need to start "doing the dishes" ourselves.