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ziq wrote

Fuck capitalist platforms, who gives a shit if they censor 'the left' too? Stop using them.

Oh, and fuck the left.

And fuck 'free' (state-sanctioned) speech.

But most of all, fuck you for constantly trying to platform fascists.


RedIsNowGreen OP wrote

Here's a quarter...


ziq wrote

idk wtf that means


BunnyBop wrote

Alex Jones wasn't censored, you dumb shits. He posted his bullshit on websites knowing their terms of service and he chose to violate them. If the government demanded they be taken down, then we could talk about censorship. You are not owed a platform on someone else's medium.

How come you shits only ever bitch about right-wingers free speech? I have never once in my life seen someone who defends right-wingers complain about the right's attempts to suppress left-wing speech. You're completely disingenuous and we see right through you.


rot wrote (edited )

THe left has always been censored, before Alex 'chemicals turning the frigging' frogs gay' Jones was banned from facebook (who cares? it's facebook no one under 45 uses it)

The fact that you didn't know that and that you thing jones is significant to "The Left" (who the fuck capitalizes that shit?) confirms your ignorance of Anarchist politics.