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asg101 wrote

More people waking up to the fact that the plutocracy has stolen their future.


ziq wrote (edited )

the thing I hate most about this bot is how it plays into the 'USA is the whole world' USAers push. If it's meant to be an anti-USA bot why does it parrot all this reactionary USA-centric rhetoric? They should reprogram it with raddle's actually anti-US posts.


ziq wrote

I guess because it's meant to sow divisions between the red team and the blue team to keep Americans at eachother's throats. Not sure how that damages the empire, tho. Would make more sense to unite both teams against their masters.


[deleted] wrote


ziq wrote (edited )

Yeah, no. The USA was always built on slavery and domination of non europeans, never was free unless you happened to be a rich white guy.