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This week on The Fuckin News, we look at the geopolitical shitshow revolving around the Orange One’s twitter feed, leaving a trail of confusion from the G7 Summit in Quebec to the heavily hyped meeting in Singapore, where two sociopathic man-babies that just months ago threatened the entire world with a nuke firework show, decided to shake hands and make some half-assed deals. All thanks to the intervention of a strange intermediary.



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Pop wrote

This one was funnier than usual :)


GrimWillow OP wrote (edited )

The Stimulator is easily my favorite comedian that I have heard. Top notch relevancy and politics, while producing often high quality work. This was so hilarious, mocking the man babies on world stage, in the violent ballet.

I also enjoy Contrapoints work. Both really well done and funny.


libre_dev wrote

That taco trap is funny enough that I might toss some more coin