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edmund_the_destroyer wrote

I'm hoping it hits earlier so the closest we can reasonably get to a socialist or at least genuinely left (not mainstream Democrat) political revolution sweeps the 2020 elections.


tamarack wrote (edited )


Putting faith in elections is idiotic at best. If the 2020 election were to happen in the midst of a "recession", it's equally likely as a true-left wave that an even worse totalitarian government would be the result. People think Trump is the end of the fucking world, just like they thought George II was the end of the fucking world fifteen years ago. It can very easily get worse. President Mike Pence would be worse, and that is a distinct possibility in 2020.

When used by the lying enemy collaborator media, the word "recession" simply means that the enemy 1% suffer along with the rest of us. During a "recession", in their anger and fear, the enemy may well pull out all the stops and drop all pretense of America being a democratic society.

Elections are not going to save us. Enemy heads on spikes might; and that should be the response, not fucking participation in the enemy's rituals--which, by the way, usually have predetermined outcomes.


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mofongo wrote

They're putting more effort to the comment, how unusual.