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Zzzxxxyyy wrote

Yea, so you went from stopping mass murderers to fighting the government. I grew up in the militia culture, nothing you’re saying is new. People who feel insignificant and powerless cling to guns as the answer.

Honestly, the reality of protecting yourself or others with a gun is complete bullshit when you work out how such scenarios would really work out. They’re always predicated on YOU being a rational person choosing the correct target and being prepared at the very moment to kill.

One only needs to look at gun violence statistics in countries with actual gun control laws to realize the pro-gun lobby is lying when they say, “Oh, nothing can be done, so buy more guns!”

Secondly, the US military’s capabilities FAR out match what citizens are capable of. All that needs to happen is for them to stop caring about civilian casualties (e.g. Syria) for them to crush any and all opposition. It’s pure fantasy to imagine any weapon you can personally purchase will help your cause against a degenerate US government fighting its own citizens.

You’re a right wing troll. GTFO


mike425 wrote (edited )

I caucused for Bernie, and I've referred to myself as a left libertarian and socialist.
US citizens wouldn't be fighting the military, the military would divide into factions.
You can't knock down my reasonable commentary, so I'm a "right wing troll".
That's so sad I'm not going to waste more of my time responding.