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I don't know, I still go to them & help organize, that's sort of the strange part. From my somewhat limited experience, I don't think the activists organizing them are really under any illusions. People just don't know what else to do right now, especially around certain causes where the opportunities for action seem more limited. It does sometimes have a real effect in pushing the conversation in the media a certain way, but even then it's a super alienating tactic where it's hard to gauge what you're really doing. Whenever I go out to one, there is a real weird feeling of like okay so all these people came out for an hour, and now they just go home? That's the whole thing? And then there's the speeches where people are using radical rhetoric about people coming together to force the State to do shit , but at the end of the day you're still just begging/petitioning the rich to help you.

But if your aim is to actually create meaningful changes for people, less alienating tactics seem a bit too underwhelming. It's hard to do anything that genuinely create positive change for people without the resources, which leads the pragmatic activist types to continue pushing the government, because even meager concessions from the State is generally more resources than can be gained without them. That's on a local level though, where politicians do have to listen a bit to avoid the bad press, I don't think on a federal level there'd be any point at all.