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____deleted____ wrote

Is anyone else uncomfortable how this keeps stressing her race with things like

Persian accented English


zombie_berkman wrote

Im not a vegan ans never but I heard she protested animal rights and made vegan cooking videos so here we go.


tamarack wrote (edited )

I wonder if NPR will issue a correction. They repeatedly said it had to have been someone who was angry about the demonetization of gun videos, possibly an NRA member.

I'm no fan of the NRA, but given what we know now (that the shooter was a vegan Muslim woman who was angry about the demonetization of her vegan videos), NPR has a lot of walking-back to do. Right?

Oh, who am I kidding, they're not going to issue a retraction, they're probably going to double down and insist even harder that the shooter was a straight white man who was angry about gun videos being deleted. There is no shared reality. Everyone is entitled to their own facts now, and some facts are more equal than others.