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GaldraChevaliere wrote

β€œThe policy effectively coerces transgender people who wish to serve into choosing between their humanity and their country,” Block said.

This wasn't already the case?


ziq OP wrote

Seriously. It's hard for me to shed tears over trans people not being allowed to kill brown people for their oil.


RedEmmaSpeaks wrote

There are many many issues to have with the US military, but inequality is still a horrific crime that needs to be fought. The strategy is clear: all those serving in the military need to proclaim that they are transgender, be like, "I'd love to do my job, but I'm too busy identifying with a gender that wasn't assigned to me at birth." Supposedly that's one of the ways people managed to get homosexuality removed from the DSM, by calling into work and saying things like, "Sorry, I can't come in. I'm too attracted to Bob in accounting."


rowjack1993 wrote

why do trans people even wanna serve in the military? why does anyone? I've seen the stories of how the US treats ex military, why do these people wanna serve?


GaldraChevaliere wrote

Honor, chiefly. Even knowing you're gonna be abandoned by VA if you're not killed outright in battle, being a soldier is a high-prestige position in US society. The military is basically a huge jobs program and takes up a big sector of the economy, and for a lot of people from the underclass it's a way out of crushing poverty. People stop seeing you as black or trans and start seeing you as a serviceman. At least, in theory. In practice, you go home and realize you can't connect with people anymore and end up dragged back in. Most soldiers I've met end up serving second tours because they can't readjust to civilian life or identify with people they used to have much in common with. It's a tempting offer, take a big risk for a big reward. But for minority personnel, that reward usually doesn't come.