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zombie_berkman wrote

people in pittsburgh think it will be them and cant wait for them to save the city with zomfg 50k new jobs!

i cant wait to move out of this place


zzuum wrote

Why cities want them is baffling. Didn't they pay literally $0 in taxes last year? Have fun getting no funding for your city, jobs that are slave jobs in terms of quality and pay, and extreme income disparity. Don't forget your classic gentrification by the programmers and managers.


red_pepper wrote

The same reasons they build NFL stadiums, despite them being a net loss in revenue for the city. Kickbacks from businesses to campaigns and not-for-profits, local businesses reaching for yield who think they can make a quick buck, real-estate companies and landlords and HOAs wanting higher property values, and good old fashioned misinformation pumped into their empty heads by lobbyists.


Jessica wrote

Ugh, what a race to the bottom. This is really underhanded behavior.