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ziq wrote

Expect the US media to ignore this, as usual.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Different versions of it is every third article on facebook right now. That said, it's an echo chamber. I wonder what a right-wing american facebook news feed looks like right now.


DeathToAmerica wrote

At some point rightwingers won't be able to ignore how so many of these shooters are fascists, and they'll switch to calling them 'victims of diversity' or some shit.


amongstclouds wrote

It's going to be a tough battle for them... the common talk on FB seems to be about his connections to white supremacy groups.


alqm wrote (edited )

Brazil's biggest media corporation 'Globo' surprised me when they really talked about white supremacy when describing the boy. Brazilians who don't look for international news are currently unaware of what's happening in the US. My father said "bullshit!" when I told him neo-nazis and other fascist groups are expanding, and that the same will happen here.