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ziq wrote

It's just ridiculous. It's not like Americans stop eating pigs whenever jews/muslims come to visit.


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_ziq_ wrote

Finally, something worth living for. I'll keep some popcorn close by.


alqm wrote

Same with nuclear weapons. Only the US should have them, according to their authorities. If someone tries to be better than the US in any way, they use their dirty tricks and influences to take it down.


WindTalk wrote (edited )

Agreed. If you visit places like Kuala Lumpur - in a large grocery store - they have cafeteria eating areas. There are signs posted saying you aren't even supposed to eat pork in front of others. Even though pork is sold in the meat section meters away.

If people came to America and demanded that pork not even be eaten in front of them, Americans would tell them to "go to hell".


KacperTheAnarchist wrote

This is not about religion. Killing animals is wrong, no cult can excuse that. Also, what Hal said is very important, it's hypocrisy to be shocked about this if you eat pigs and cows because they are also conscious and sophisticated animals just like dogs.


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KacperTheAnarchist wrote

Don't forget about Koreans who are vegeterians/vegans and also imagine if this were human eating restaurants and we are dogs debating this issue!