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leftous wrote (edited )

Firstly, I am not dodging your question. I am disputing your assumptions. When you assume something (i.e. defending yourself or others is a moral wrong), this is called begging the question and is logically fallacious.

Secondly, your analogy (of chopping arms off) is false because that deals with an act of violence in retribution. Doxxing in this case is not an act of violence nor is it an act of retribution. Making it known who an attacker is can only be called a defense. Think of the way women have been outing sexual predators.

Thirdly, my beliefs are such that I do consider it self-defense and self-preservation when I defend the oppressed. This is because I don't want to be oppressed and attacked myself; permitting others to oppress others enables it against myself since I am offering that power to a group of bigots. Perhaps the best way to understand it is the poem First they came... As an anarchist, I accept no authority beyond my own as an individual.

Fourthly, your second analogy is also false for the same reason as first one. What you're describing is a violent act of retribution and not defense.

So by my count that is 3 logical fallacies and no real argument here. My only hope is that you're a troll.