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ziq wrote

But do you have the authority to declare that justice has been served? how do you represent the views of the 350 million Americans, in his community?

Anarchists put no stock in 'authority' so your question is as meaningless to me as your claim to morality. I don't pretend to represent anyone other than myself.

Many of a similar political view to him would disagree with your view that justice has been served, (too harsh).

I couldn't care less. Those people don't speak for me.

You yourself, seem to provide a contradiction to your view that, Justice has been served, when you say he should have recieved corporal punishment?

Him getting punched for being a racist shit isn't 'corporal punishment'. I'm not a state. You hurt people that didn't do anything to warrant it, you open yourself up to direct action.

It's not a contradiction. Justice isn't some kind of definitive 1:1 thing. It comes in different flavors and at different ratios.

does that mean that an anarchacist society would condone state sanctioned violence and severe beatings as form of punishment?

Anarchists don't support states, genius. Our authority ends with our own 2 fists. It's not a 'form of punishment', it's an individual's chosen response to another individual's chosen action. Everyone is responsible for their own actions and the results of those actions.

There is no "anarchist society" in this world, the only anarchy we have is over our own minds. And punching a fascist that's doing real harm to innocent people is as anarchic and just an action as I can imagine.

So why do you, and 'the mob' have the authority to decide on what is just?

I have no authority and never claimed to.

should we perhaps use some form of impliment? say a whipp? I hear the threat of 100 lashes is quite good at keeping people in line)

Again. It's not punishment. It's shutting down a fascist so he stops hurting people less advantaged than him. Fists are all you need.

If some right wingers get upset because someone ripped down the statue of someone they like, do they then also have the right to enact mob justice?

"Rights" aren't real. You comparing fascists getting brown kids deported to poc pulling down a racist statue makes me wish I could punch you, though.

how would this be organised?

Organized violence is better suited to you statists. We'll stick to direct individual action, thanks.