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Whatsthepoint wrote

I'm not apealing to authority.

Just pointing out that your view, that fascism can only exist on the right, is the minority one, is not supported by the general consensus or backed up by fact or historical events.

If your knowledge was so epic and hyou were sure, it would be the simplest thing to explain to this idiot why Fascism can only ever exist on the right...yet, all i read are empty assertions and forum games, this I believe says much about the genuine thought you have put into this quandry.

"I like the left, I hate fascists, thing I like is immune to thing I hate" - thus far, you have demonstrated a thought pattern no deeper than that


ziq wrote

Fascism is a specific rightwing nationalist ideology. Not every tyrant is a fascist.


Whatsthepoint wrote

Why is fascism only right wing?


ziq wrote

Fascism is an open dictatorship of finance capital. Corporatism is a big part of the ideology. The rich owners sit at the top of a rigid hierarchy and the workers serve them. It's literally the polar opposite of any leftist ideology.