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Whatsthepoint wrote

Because this is exactly what making it harder and riskier for DRUG DEALERS to organise does.

(capitals just to make edit obvious)

same logic, same outcome. I would submit that all your are doing, is hardneing your enemy. When people come out with opposing views, it should be welcomed, as an oppertunity to set out your case.

I just find the whole, insta branding of people, most of whom are children, increadably reactionary, ugly, spiteful, ignorant, short sighted, and worst of all, deeply counter productive.

It makes the left look petty and authoritarian.

When 'joe average', who doesn't really care about politics, but still has a right to vote, comes to the conclusion that he will have more rights, freedoms and liberties under a right wing government, than under a left wing government... you are not making progress, and your not doing the left any favours


ziq wrote

Are you a Trot?

Good that most people here couldn't care less about propping up a left-wing state.


[deleted] wrote (edited )


ziq wrote

See the raddle matrix room. Wasn't asking because of anything they said in that comment.


Whatsthepoint wrote

My political views do not add or detract from the validity of the statement, so I don't see why that matters