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ArsCortica wrote

With all due respect to the 'finders', these objects were stolen, and they therefore belong into the British Museum!


actuallyaseal wrote


Goring’s research extended to the antiquities’ legal title, to establish whether they had been assembled by a member of the Leven and Melville family who had once occupied the property. But, in 1984, it was agreed that the finds of that year should be treated as treasure trove and acquired by the museum.

Looks like the likely source of these particular pieces is "Alexander, Lord Balgonie, heir to the property, who visited Egypt in 1856". That seems peak British imperialism to me.

I do wonder if there are Egyptian artifacts that made it up to Scotland by a more natural process in the era they were created though. Maybe something a Roman got via Mediterranean trade and it made it way to Britian over the years.