Republicans Pass Tax Bill: tax cuts for the Rich, higher taxes for working people

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{ Despite all that, despite poll after poll showing the measure is unpopular, most Republicans were ecstatic to pass the bill.

While the bill took months to draft, the final package came together over a frenetic last few days. Republicans didn’t even have finished legislative text until Friday night, hours before the vote, and Democrats slammed their GOP colleagues for rushing through a bill that was cobbled together with handwritten changes and crossed-out pages at the last minute.

Those procedural concerns did nothing to slow the bill, however, with Republicans falling in line to vote down a Democratic motion to adjourn Friday night. Senators then began a so-called vote-a-rama, in which amendments get up-or-down approval one after the other until lawmakers are exhausted enough to stop. Eventually, in the early hours of Saturday morning, senators moved to a final vote on the reconciliation bill, and it passed. }


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Catsforfun wrote (edited )

it looks like they didnt include the stuff that screws students over, can someone confirm?

edit- ok it looks like they are taxing colleges more which means higher tuition, but didn't screw over student researchers and grad students... I can't confirm it though because I can/'t read the word salad that the bill is