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lina wrote

Americans are whistling down to the concentration camps and you're going to say nothing?


hooray_for_dead_cops wrote

From the article:

“The other murders – like that little girl killed two months ago right up the block – you didn’t see anything like this,” Stanley fumed.

“That tells me they care more about them than us,” said the 54-year-old, referring to the police, as he walked his Shih Tzu, Yip.

From the comments:

This story shows how pathetic Baltimore has become. The one guy is bitching about the heavy police presence in the area but the murder of a cop and the recent murder of a young girl just up the block are just daily living. No problem - just don't disrupt anyone's daily routine. 300+ murders and these residents want the ACLU to get the police out of their neighborhood. What a pathetic city!

LPT: Don't read the comments.


user wrote

Tyranny didn't work out too well for the USSR, Nazi Germany, and Cambodia so why are Americans embracing it?


moon_princess wrote

Curioser and curioser: apparently the cop was shot by his own gun and was planning on testifying against other cops.

No wonder they locked down the whole neighborhood to find out if anybody saw anything. Just wanted to make sure nobody caught them doing in one of their own.


user wrote

The USA is now bankrupt warmongering police state. The elites control the government, media, and the corporations.

Americans either are ignoring the decay of the US or think that nothing can be done to stop the collapse.

We sit at our keyboards and scream at our computers, but feel powerless to do anything about the decline. The struggle is immense and too much damage has been done to save the US.

Even if we spent a year to fight to repeal mandatory helmet laws, new nanny state laws banning vaping, smoking, and hoverboards would be enacted.

What can you do?

We could protest and be arrested or killed.

We could use our guns and be killed.

We have the goddamn NSA wiretapping our phones, listening to our words, reading our emails, and recording our web history. The NSA has our pictures, knows our address, Social Security numbers, phone numbers, purchases, current location, plans, doctors, lawyers, and what we had for dinner yesterday.

There really is no hope.

The best we can do now is to just prepare, dropout, don't comply, don't consent, don't participate, don't vote, don't buy licenses, don't pay taxes, don't call the police, don't deal with the government, stop supporting this rigged system, and spread the word.