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josefStallman wrote

when you gotta do some dumb shit to fit in with your friends but you can be yourself around your bf


elyersio wrote

People keep finding new ways to not make sense...


SpiritOfTito wrote

Those frothing anti gay yanks do crack me up.

When someones that angry about gays you just know theres nothing they want more than a big dick in their mouths lol


zashika wrote (edited )

Just letting you know why you're being down-voted.

  1. The use of the word "gays".
  2. You make it sound like people "wanting big dicks in their mouths" sound like a funny and embarrassing thing. I don't know if you meant otherwise, but it sounds very much so.
  3. Even if it's true that some people turn out to be gay, it's homophobic to label homophobic hate as a trait of homosexuality. It stigmatizes the orientation and lets straight people off the hook.

SpiritOfTito wrote

  1. Having a dick in your mouth is an enjoyable activity. Its only considered 'funny or embarrassing' if your either anti lgbt (if 'gays' is offensive to you) or you're a prude or puritan
  2. People that display overly aggressive hate to homosexuals usually do so because they're secretly turned on by the idea


zashika wrote (edited )

  1. It's the way you've phrased it. I never said there's anything funny or embarrassing about it. "Gays" wasn't offensive, just an awkward use of the word.
  2. I have heard this. It may be true for some people out there, but to label all hate towards the lgbt community as an internal issue frames it in a very weird way. The article I linked to you explains it more.