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tuesday wrote

the .5 is just insulting


mofongo wrote

Employers would be allowed to cluster overtime hours on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis, but would be required to give employees working 65 hours or more a week at least 11 hours of unbroken rest between the end of one workday and the beginning of the next.


The government has also proposed changes to the “selective work scheme” under which working hours can vary across a month (or three months for R&D), as long as the total in the period averages to 40 hours a week. The plan would allow the scheme to run for three months in all industries and up to six months in R&D fields.

That would make it possible for companies to increase or decrease their staff’s working hours while maintaining a nominal 40-hour workweek and thus avoiding overtime pay.

Overtime work without overtime pay. Innovation everyone!


ArmyOfOne wrote (edited )

China's "996" = 72 hours work week.

So now hardcore totalitarian neoliberalism wants to beat hardcore totalitarian corporate socialism, with work hours.


Fool wrote (edited )

The .5 is for working, the 80 is waiting for the boss to leave.

That's 6 mins a day, 5 days a week.