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Woman forces emergency landing after biting passenger and claiming Jesus told her to open plane door mid-flight

A victim of electromagnetic weaponry used by terrorists for covert crime. Religious figures don't talk to people "telepathically" to make them kill others, criminals posing as them do.

By using these same weapons and methods, they have managed to coerce people working in semiconductor industries into inserting backdoors into all your CPUs - albeit they would rather not be known that this is the case and prefer resorting to making people do what that woman did so killings look like human error instead of malicious sabotage.

"Aliens" is just one of the false narratives propped up so people keep looking up to the skies while weaponry buried on Earth's core (maybe by a previous civilization, "Silurian hypothesis") is used for total electromagnetic surveillance of this planet and sabotage of our science - like in the Three Body Trilogy.



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when_you_sleep wrote

what the hell is that description it sounds like something that someone with a tinfoil hat would say


Fool wrote

I think they've got more than just a hat.

But they sometimes pull up some really good material, but have a different conclusion to expected.