Raddle, its time for a radical media wiki. What are your suggestions/thoughts/contributions?!

Submitted by Tequila_Wolf in News

As the sidebar of f/news grows with links to media outlets, I was thinking that making a wiki that lists good news sources would be useful! It'll stand alone in the wiki and be linked to in at least f/news and f/media.

Also, it'll do things like link to other media wikis, like the podcasts wiki. It'll go here https://raddle.me/wiki/Media - feel free to edit directly.

It can come in many forms, but for now at least dividing it up between radical media and often-radical-friendly media would be good (but other divisions, for example by region, would likely be welcome and useful). Here's what we have so far:

Some radical news sites:

It's Going Down

Insurrection News

Enough Is Enough

Freedom News


Unicorn Riot

Decent international mainstream news sites:

Al Jazeera




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__deleted_____ wrote (edited )

Theintercept is always good, and jacobinmag.


BlackFlagged wrote

What about France24? That's been a good source of mainstream news lately. They did an antifa story today.


Ant wrote

theguardian.com seems to be regular on f/news with mainstream stuff

and if we're doing more specialised stuff, we could do Earth First's newswire, though I've noticed that mostly goes to f/Direct_Action


ziq wrote

f/politics has links to live streams for international news channels if you want to use those.


help wrote

https://autostraddle.com/ is a good news site for non cis male queer people


Tequila_Wolf OP wrote

I remember having some reservations about it a while ago, not 100% sure what they were, but it's probably worth an add, thanks!


help wrote

Yeah a lot of it is based in pop culture but there's often some articles with good social commentary