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tuesday wrote

fuck the us
fuck the suprerme court


RaddleRaeMe wrote

Fucking hate this shithole country. The US is a fucking joke.


tuesday wrote (edited )

the best (read as worst) part is all the shit libs screaming about how important it is to vote as though Obama didn't have a house and senate majority during which time he did not introduce legislation to solidify the right to abortion access or that Clinton got a majority of the popular vote, or that Biden has been in office with a dem house and senate and done nothing, again, to solidify abortion access in law despite that being a thing he campaigned on.

so now people in America are going to lose access to necessary medical care, in some cases as soon as the official opinion is published (Missouri has a trigger law that will go into effect to close down all abortion access the moment a decision overturning Roe is published) because democrats are fucking toothless cowards and republicans are entire fascists.


doopliss wrote

not saying it would do much to stop the relentless march of christian nationalism, but damn wouldn't it be nice if someone paid an extra special visit to the conservative scotus judges. maybe they could help introduce them to the concept of a decades-late term abortion