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neroisstillbanned wrote

Looks like Miley fell for the trap of trying to placate nazis by making concessions to them. They'll simply move the goalposts, so give them no quarter.


zombie_berkman wrote

It teen vogue woke or is it just random chance?


Tequila_Wolf wrote

They regularly put together good shit.


zombie_berkman wrote

I hate fashion and I hate magazines but if kids are going to be reading this crap I guess that's a plus


Tequila_Wolf wrote

I like thinking about clothing from a radical perspective (especially wrt gender things I think it's important) and I'm not sure magazines are necessarily problematic.


zombie_berkman wrote

they are essentially 1 huge ad how is that not a bad thing? especially when giving it to kids


squirrels wrote

Not to speculate wildly, but I do find it suspicious that Teen Vogue was given the axe by Conde Nast and had their staff laid off. It may still be part of the capitalist fashion machine, but the articles have been woke af this past year and full of critique of liberalism/fascism.


selver wrote

Teen Vogue's super woke. Lots of surprising articles from them lately.


zer0crash wrote

Love Teen Vogue. Too bad they wont be printing it anymore.