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annikastheory wrote

Holy shit, and only in france, I don't even want to think what has happened world wide.

The French Catholic church has expressed “shame” and pleaded for forgiveness, after a devastating report found that at least 330,000 children were victims of sexual abuse by clergy and lay members of church institutions over the past 70 years.

And they have the gall to "pleade for forgiveness".

The numbers are staggering, the account, which I won't quote here, from a victim is heartbreaking.

It said the “vast majority” of victims were boys, who came from a wide variety of social backgrounds and who were attacked at a young age before reaching adolescence. Some sex offenders inside the church were “predators” on a vast scale who targeted extremely high numbers of children over long periods, with some attacking more than 150 victims.

between 2,900 and 3,200 sexual abusers of children who operated in the French catholic church since 1950, yet it said only a handful of cases had prompted disciplinary action under canonical law, let alone criminal prosecution.