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goof_goat wrote

i mean, i think the bigger epistemic breach probably occurred with the whole 'Iraq has WMDs' thing. i really think narratives that leave this out are overall harmful.

"That’s what US elites are truly afraid to confront: What if facts and persuasion just don’t matter anymore?"

I think the 'elites' are the ones who brought us into this world where 'facts & persuasion' don't matter anymore.


tnstaec wrote

Thank you, exactly. The article had me until this bit:

The primary source of this breach, to make a long story short, is the US conservative movement’s rejection of the mainstream institutions devoted to gathering and disseminating knowledge (journalism, science, the academy) — the ones society has appointed as referees in matters of factual dispute.

Liberals still don't get it. The corporate media and public education systems created generations of people who were systematically programmed not to think for themselves. This is the chickens coming home to roost.


moon_princess wrote

Wow it's almost like concepts such as "truth" and "knowledge" aren't universal but are simply constructed through power. If only there were some branch of thought that acknowledged this and people had actually taken it seriously instead of spending decades disparaging it as foolish and baseless.