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Ennui wrote

(pigs = 1.1 million cars) < 1 billion cars on planet Earth. 13.6% (69 million tonnes CO2-equivalent) of Australia's greenhouse gas emissions in 2020 were agricultural. All feral pigs together release 4.9 million tonnes CO2 according to the article.

Conclusion: Feral pigs are anti-civ anarchists destroying profits for the agricultural sector, which in Australia alone releases 14 times the CO2 equivalent as all feral pigs combined.

Alternatively, there's something like 12.5 million cops in the world. Say each cop produces 5 tons CO2 emissions (I don't know if that's realistic or not). 12.5 x 5 = 62.5 million tons CO2. Therefore, killing all cops would would be 12.7x more effective than killing all feral pigs. Don't check my numbers, please and thank you.


zoom_zip OP wrote

Say each cop produces 5 tons CO2 emissions (I don't know if that's realistic or not).

The average person in the U.S. emits about 27 tons of CO2/year.



Basil wrote

to be fair, I'm not sure the average cop can be considered a person


Ashy wrote

hehe, a different kind of pig

that's right I'm in with the lingo B)))


nulloperation wrote

omg i thought this was the onion or hard times but it's for real.

this culling logic is so messed up. just the word "culling" ... and "properly managed", ... gosh that is so sinister

Matthew McCamley says in areas that are properly managed, the numbers of feral pigs have has gone from the thousands to culling around 150 in three to four days.


zoom_zip OP wrote

‘properly managed’ sounds more palatable than ‘mass slaughtered’


Raxalor wrote

I thought 'pigs' was referring to cops and now I'm disappointed


celebratedrecluse wrote

[Stza:] "Well Dave, according to my most recent calculations, and factoring in all the ignorant sycophant cop-callers; There are an excess of a billion police in this world."

[Dictor:] "Jesus-fuck! That's a lot of pigs."

[Stza:] "Don't I know it. So, shouldn't we rally folks against this insidious disease? "

[Dictor:] "Yes. And I propose we start with a name change."

[Stza:] "Ok, well let's drink to it."

[Dictor:] "To the good, the bad, and the Leftover Crack!"

[Stza:] "And to Billions of Dead Cops!"


Kinshavo wrote

Disappointed to know that they are real pigs, like Sus scrofa


fool wrote

They found Australia and New Zealand produced the bulk of global emissions because the country has millions of pigs.

It's the pigs... Nothing strange about the "science".


zoom_zip OP wrote

what’s that meme where the guy is sweating over which button to pick

on one button it says “blame the pigs”

on the other button you can’t read it because the laundry list of real culprits requires size 0.000000000001 font to be able to fit it all on the button


Ashy wrote

kinda sus they don't mention any estimates of just how many feral pigs there are anywhere

24 million from a quick google search

we've more pressing environmental issues than killing these cuties


zoom_zip OP wrote

it’s just another scapegoat in a long line of increasingly absurd scapegoats to try and divert awareness away from reality


AnarchoDoom wrote (edited )

Starts with the dramatic story of how an ugly monoculture is getting destroyed by feral pigs... Then it keeps going downhill from there.

Oh the noooes. MORE cars by the millions, then kill millions of animals for "Climate Change"! /s