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[deleted] wrote (edited )


DissidentRage wrote

I hope so. This is going to set one hell of a precedent for the EU. I'm afraid the EU may back Madrid instead of letting it play out.


BlackFlagged wrote (edited )

It can all be ended if Madid arrests their politicians. The people are gonna have to surround the politicians at all times, forming a dense crowd until they've kicked all of Spain's cops out and secured the border. Only way this has a chance of succeesing.

If I were them, I wouldn't leave parliament for a month. The people can easily block cops from entering if there's only one building to mass around.


Defasher wrote

Shit just got real here.

We're all bracing for Madrid to attack.


GrimWillow wrote

Oh god, other states, including the US, have already declared that they side with Spain to take it back.

Struggle on, Catalonia!!