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CaptainACAB wrote

I can't believe that the tens of accelerationists that actually exist are gonna split because of Kanye West.


Niobium62 wrote

meh, it's not like this country can get any better under biden or trump

KANYE 2020!!!!11!1


CaptainACAB wrote

I wouldn't vote for Kanye simply because I don't believe in voting. Or that he'd win.

President Yeezus would be the weirdest timeline, because I don't see the US voting for another black president any time soon. Unlike Obama, he doesn't have the whole "light-skinned enough to not be scary to the white voter base, but dark-skinned enough to get the black vote" angle going for him.


emma wrote

Last I heard, he hadn't even filed the paperwork. The whole thing is just a convenient excuse for panicked dems to deflect blame for their probable loss onto a Black man, instead of admitting that their party, the Biden campaign, and American "democracy" at large, have issues.


lautreamont wrote

How does it matter if he's a Black dude? The guy's a fascist, über-macho asshole and also a billionaire who did as much as Mick Jagger in just a few years, for some reason.